About Us

EDGE is a performance-first apparel brand offering active wear to suit your lifestyle.  Our goal is to create clothing to meet your needs, clothing that can be worn from the school run, to the office, from the weights room to the boxing ring.  EDGE clothing has been specifically designed to fit you and your needs; we have set out to create high quality athletic staples with versatile leisurewear to offer the utmost comfort while maintaining style. 


The founders of EDGE have decades of knowledge and expertise in a range of sports including tennis, gymnastics, skiing and athletics, and not only that, we have competed internationally in martial arts competitions.  If that's not enough, we are also qualified personal trainers, gymnastics coaches and martial arts instructors - so the world of sport is well within our comfort zone.  It's safe to say we know what we want, but more importantly what our clients want from our active wear and we test every single item for comfort, style and functionality.   


In the development of our products we focus as much on sportswear being worn as technical apparel, while also recognising that it needs to be able to fit into your lifestyle. 


Athletic wear that can be worn anywhere, anytime (and we want you to look good while doing it).


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